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Atheist Bake Sale 1

The UWA Atheist & Skeptic Society had a bake sale today. The cost of the baked goods: your soul.
We wanted to spark some discussion about souls; what it means to people, why we think we have one, and why people are so attached to the dubious notion that there’s a little ghost inside us making all our decisions. What I wasn’t prepared for was the reactions. Even though we were clearly ‘taking the piss’, many people showed a strange reticence. It looks like ‘selling your soul’ is a cultural taboo.
But we did give out lots of cookies.

Follow on to Atheist Bake Sale 2.


  1. RAD!
    Did you really have contracts there for people to sign?

  2. My favorite is the last little comic about 2 souls. I started giggling at work!

  3. Last one is my favorite too. 🙂

  4. I have 3 souls! Awesome!

  5. My roommate and I used to tell people we'd do things in exchange for their souls. That way we had plenty of extras when *we* needed to sell *our* souls.

  6. Great stuff, I laughed on the train at the last one.

    I'd like to see something like this here.

  7. If you're overweight, does that ensure you have multiple souls? Hopefully, because, you'll probably want multiple cookies. Besides, makes sense to me.

  8. I would've tried to hand them my shoes…

  9. Very well done!! Cracked me up.

  10. Awesome.

    The style reminds me a bit of the webcomic "Oh My Gods!" (!)

  11. Can I split my soul and get many cookies?!

    Great work!

  12. No, Voldemort, you can't split your soul to get extra cookies.

  13. "I ain't down here for your money,
    I ain't down here for your love.
    No I ain't down here for your love or money;
    I'm down here for your soul"

    I sold a sun visa to a guy for his soul at the last Big Day Out, I still have the piece of paper that contra-actually binds his soul to my possession.

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