I’ve made many fonts over the years. Some of them are the efforts of an enthusiastic beginner and not quite an artist! But many people have found these fonts quite useful, and you’re welcome to download them if you wish.

These fonts are in OTF format, which means they’re compatible with Mac and Windows.

Daniel Resized

Some people have had trouble with the letters cutting off in Word. If you’re having this problem, I’ve resized the font, and you can download it here.

View and download ‘Du Bellay‘ from dafont.com

More fonts will be on their way, as I dig them out of the archives.

Everyone can use these fonts for whatever they want, commercial or not.

If you find these fonts useful, feel free to express your gratitude in the traditional form of ‘sending me money’. Any amount welcome.

The usual caveats apply: while I’ve tested these fonts and they seem to work fine, I don’t claim any responsibility for anything bad that might happen if you decide to use these fonts, including illegibility.