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Bonk this

Chickens, meet roost. Georgia passed a stringent anti-immigration law, and now they’re having trouble finding field workers.

Unless the cucumbers come off the vine soon, they will become engorged with seeds, making them unsellable. Mendez’s crew of Mexican and Guatemalan workers will keep harvesting until 6 p.m., maybe longer. Not so for the men participating in a new state-run program aimed at replacing the Latino migrants Georgia farmers say they’ve lost to a new immigration crackdown with unemployed probationers.

Schadenfreude is one thing, but the interesting part for me is this euphemism, said by one of the probationers:

“Those guys out here weren’t out there 30 minutes and they got the bucket and just threw them in the air and say, ‘Bonk this, I ain’t with this, I can’t do this,'” said Jermond Powell, a 33-year-old probationer. “They just left, took off across the field walking.”

While I’m willing to bet the guy didn’t say those exact words, it is a taboo avoidance I haven’t heard before. I’ve heard ‘screw this’ and ‘blow this’, but not ‘bonk this’.

Other expressions I haven’t heard:

  • Root this
  • Shag this
  • Intercourse this

Wait, I have heard that last one.

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  1. For the record, I've heard the last one too.

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