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Emoticon test

Here’s a survey about emoticons that you can take. I recognised some, but others I had to guess.

I like to see what other linguists are doing, and it’s fun to guess what the work is intended for. I’d say this work is part of sentiment analysis: working out automatically how a writer is feeling about what they’re writing. Or tweeting.

So help a fellow linguist out and take the test. It’s quick, and sort of fun.


  1. The happy-winky one didn't have an appropriate option. To me it quite explicitly denotes jocular sarcasm.

    😛 implies, to me, "I'm really funny" rather than just happy. Though I've also seen it used in a way that implies "I love reading you're stuff because you're so far off this planet I can't help but laugh at you".

    There are certainly a few in that list I've never seen before.

  2. IT DIDN'T TELL ME THE ANSWERS!!!! How can I live in suspense about my emoticon deciphering skillz?

  3. There's at least one for each of the other universal facial expressions, but no emoticon for contempt!


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