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Friday Random Five is playing with my heart

Blue Mood by Swing Out Sister
Album: It’s Better to Travel
I always loved this first album for its jazz sensibility and sophistication. If the members of the post-ZTT Art of Noise had decided to drop the quirkiness and go for musicality, it might have sounded like this, and that would have been good. Not to slight Anne Dudley at all.

There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart) by Eurythmics
Album: Greatest Hits [Europe]
Youngest Boy frequently asks to hear Eurythmics, and who could blame him? No one ever went from arid synthesised cool to beautiful electronic pop with such ease and joy. This song is one of the latter — lashes of gospel choir and soul, complete with Stevie Wonder’s harmonica. How do they make it sound so easy?

This Is a Lie (Palmer Remix) by The Cure
Album: Join the Dots
By a coincidence, this song came up randomly in the car this very morning, and now here it is again. While I don’t have much enthusiasm for the Cure’s later work (anything past Head on the Door actually), I have to applaud this as a solid piece of songwriting. The first half is all orchestral, then joined by Robert Smith on solo guitar.

Here on the blog, you see a lot of the kinds of thoughts I’m dealing in at the time. So you will understand if these lyrics seemed pertinent:

how each of us believes
I’ve never really known
in heaven unseen and hell unknown
how each of us dreams to understand anything at all
why each of us decides
I’ve never been sure
the part we take
the way we are
why each of us denies every other way in the world

It’s not just about religion; the simple act of choosing — a way of life, a life partner, anything — excludes an infinite number of other possibilities. And how do we know we’ve chosen the right one? Or the wrong one? What makes us say ‘This is a lie”?

I haven’t thought about a Cure lyric this much since “How Beautiful You Are”. I feel like an undergrad.

Fields – Fields (Reprise) by The Lilac Time
Album: And Love for All (2006 Remaster)
Stephen Duffy takes us out for a stroll in the country with his guitar. He’s been sleeping in the hedgerow. He knows how you feel, and he knows what you feel is real. The summer wind is making long fingers in the wheat and the undulating fields are cool and inviting. Go with him on this album and you’ll find beautiful bucolic XTC-influenced folk-pop. Other Lilac fans say start with ‘Paradise Circus’, but this is one of my favourite albums ever. Highly highly recommended.

Neon Lights (Ton Up Mix) by Kraftwerk
Album: Toccata Electronica
An interesting remix that overlays “Boing Boom Tchak” lyrics onto “Neon Lights”. Very trancy, and not too annoying.

A bonus sixth.
Alison by Future 3
Album: Blue Skied an’ Clear
There’s an interesting tendency for glitch IDM artists to gravitate toward shoegaze. So this album is a slew of Slowdive covers redone in shimmering electronic tones. Listen to it while you glide silently through smooth rooms. Or when you’re hunched over the laptop working. It won’t jangle you too much.

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  1. Hooray Eurythmics!
    I like the ‘We too are one’ album.

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