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  1. Exactly! The point of the conversation is that there is not institutional transparency. Church administrators boldly claim that Joseph Smith's character is unimpeachable, and then proceed to sweep his life's details under the rug, and make the information difficult to access. When members claim to have known these things for years, and yet stayed silent about them, it doesn't make them look knowledgeable, it makes them look like they're part of the problem! They've known, and yet said nothing for years! How irresponsible! If you are in a position to clarify history when it is clearly misrepresented in church meetings, and you sit silently, you are either a coward or a dupe.

  2. Hi, that is really crazy, it is very easy to write things , but I guess if they are, it is probably that there is evidence somewhere. So my qeustion is simple , where can I find a reliable source of this because I want to apologize but your words are not for me irrevocable truth. Thank you in advance!

  3. This made me Laugh Out Loud!!!! Thanks for the time you spent composing it!

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