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It's okay to be wrong. It's not okay to stay wrong.

Lost him at the end.








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  1. Nicely done: one could think of a whole list of things to teach Jesus, eh!

    BTW, have you ever done a post or YouTube that shows people how to make a font? Love your fonts.

    • No, I never have. I wonder if that's a good idea. I could probably do a video showing how to make a terrible font. Glad you're enjoying them, though!

  2. Sorry, forgot to follow

  3. Good job. The right wing would re-crucify any Jesus that actually came back and told them the truth.

  4. No true Jesus would support evolution and climate change.

    • Science doesn't depend upon people's support, and it isn't a popularity contest. Science depends upon empirical evidence and testing of hypotheses, which leads to working theories (which doesn't mean guesses – a scientific theory is much stronger than that). Of course, if jebus did come back today, his followers would kill him immediately for being too liberal!

  5. @Andy: and no true commentor, would block their profile.

  6. NDE experiencers are in fact told evolution and climate change are true. And much more. Here is a web page which covers these topics:

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