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My fonts, large and small

The Daniel font is popping up everywhere!

Probably the biggest use of ‘Daniel’ to date appears at the entrance to CentroSicilia, a new shopping centre in Sicily, near Catania. Those Sicilians know style.

Notice that they’ve added a tab on the ‘n’, which is fine by me — a few people have added one of those.

Elli is using the ‘Daniel’ font on all her fine work from Tigg Accessories — those double g’s are looking pretty sweet.

If you’re up for a game, try Semblance. It’s an interesting 2d mover with text that can form part of the game. I don’t usually sound as depressed as the text would indicate.

Lauren has used ‘Daniel’ on her Etsy site kindplush, and her designs are entrancing. I like the snail especially.

And then ‘Yataghan’ has made a few menacing appearances on books, once on Empire Zero by Bert Barling

and again on the cover of Mephistopolis by Keith Planit.

If you’d like to get your hands on ‘Daniel’ (the font, not me) or ‘Yataghan’, or any of my other fonts, then head over to the Page of Fontery, where they’re all available for download.

Thanks to all the creative people who have made great stuff with my fonts. If you’ve made something cool, tell me about it, and you might see yourself here.

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  1. Thank you for linking my shop here! And thank you again for your font 🙂 Cheers!

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