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God and sports

With the Super Bowl on the TV, it’s a good time to remember that 27 percent of Americans think God plays a role in determining which team wins a sporting event.

How is that supposed to work? Presumably fans on both sides are praying for their team to win. Does god ignore half the prayers? It recalls John Steinbeck: “Ah, the prayers of the millions, how they must fight and destroy each other on their way to the throne of God.”

It’s also odd to think that some people are sufficiently self-absorbed to think that their god would intervene in the entertainment of affluent North Americans, while ignoring real suffering around the globe.

Maybe he’s just a really intense sports fan.

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  1. I love MMA and I especially love it when the fighters thank god, or their lord and saviour Jesus Christ for their wins. I love the notion that Jeebers helps people punch the shit out of other people's faces.

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