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Islam: Worst Religion in the World 2012

Congratulations, Islam! You’ve won this year’s award for Worst Religion in the World. Christians were trying for it with the whole Chick-Fil-A thing, but you really clinched it when your followers rioted and murdered people because they felt offended by a really bad film.

You know, every other religion in the world has pretty much chilled the fuck out about this kind of thing. Buddhists don’t rampage in 20 countries when their religion is challenged. Hindus — okay, admit it, Hindus, you’ve had your moments, but nothing like this. Christians cop it all the time on the blasphemy front, and they don’t storm embassies. Hell, they’ve invited me to debates in their own churches, where I’ve challenged their religion, and even told them that their god must be kind of dumb. And then they invite me back. Do you know what that does? It shows people that their faith is robust. Your rioting shows the world that your god is so weak that he can’t protect himself, and needs his butthurt followers to enact violence on his behalf.

Let’s not let Christianity off the hook entirely. They acted like homicidal loons when they could get away with it. In the early American colonies as recently as the 1600s, you could be punished or put to death for blasphemy. It’s just one of the things religion in general is so good at: creating these non-negotiable zones where certain beliefs or values are held as holy, and setting people up for needless conflict.

How did Christianity calm down? Christianity didn’t move from Inquisitions to PR departments by themselves. They were pushed by an emerging tradition of secularism in Western countries since the Enlightenment. Secularism tamed Christianity, and needs to continue. But Islam — you need to catch up.

I don’t know if this is a real Arabic proverb or not — it was marked as such when I first heard it — but it’s worthy of consideration anyway:

He who takes offence when offence is not intended
is a fool.
He who takes offence when offence is intended
is a fool.

UPDATE: There’s a new post for 2013. Go read it, and comment there if you want to. This thread’s closed, so no new comments. Any comments will be sent to moderation, and then remorselessly deleted. And the reason is that it’s 95% angry Muslims telling me how wonderful and perfect Islam is, and that I’m going to hell, sometimes both in the same comment.

If hearing that Islam sucks makes you angry, you can do something to make Islam suck less. For a start, you can work on being less oppressive to women, gay people, apostates, and religious minorities. Remember, Christianity sucks almost as much as Islam, so if you make Islam just a little better, it could make Christianity the world’s suckiest religion next year. Make it happen, Muslim folks. I believe you can do it.


  1. I quoted and linked this piece to my blog this morning, as we've certainly come to a point where something has to give.

    Islam as compared to western culture…is inferior. Not by virtue of their faith or it's mainstream tenets, but by how they act upon their faith, and their actions against any competing social structures.

    I don't have a problem with isolating Muslim communities/nations until they make the paradigm shift towards civilized behavior.

  2. either way the person is a fool! now that is a good one.
    I agree with you Islam gets the trophy on many fronts, twice in Pakistan they have shot girls going to school to seek an education.

  3. Congratulations on getting through those comments without a death threat — perhaps there's hope after all. But instead of responding to my post (because you can't), you tell me to shut up and read the Koran. Not good enough, I'm afraid.

    Very curious about how you knew about my prostitute business, though.

    • I was wrong… its not like that i can't answer…!! but I am sorry..!! I don't want to be questioned on the judgement day. Our prophet never taught us to answer any munaafiqueen this way. I AM SORRY!! MAY ALLAH GIVE YOU HIDAYAT..!! And I dont need to respond you for your post because all the answers to your posts are in the Quran (thats the reason I told you to read it!). And Allah knows best how to defend his deen…!! I AM SORRY AGAIN..!! MAY ALLAH GIVE YOU HIDAYAT..!!

    • Are you a retard? Firstly, you have already responded to this post by talking about Allah. Secondly, the fact that all the other religions hate —– is a fact that it is so infamous. All religion have their short comings, if u look at my Hinduism, it has many flaws, but, we did not go about killing people or raping their women for enforcing religion. Christianity came a far way. Buddhism evolved, Jainism evolved etc. But you come here and talk shit about judjement day (Which apparently humanity as a whole is trying to reach by having violent disputes over he ages )etc and prove the fact the m—- was an asshole who raped a six year old.

      Your god itself must be weeping seeing your stupid deeds, I wonder what he must be thinking, every faith has a few bad ones, but why do my followers continue to be animals. Even dogs are more faithful than muslims.

      Absue a Christian or hindu on his religion he ignore its. Absue a muslim he becomes mad and goes about murdering. Fact proved by idiotic reactions after the infamous prophet fucker movie.

      You guys are so fucked that even among urself u have constant bickering.

    • The fact that you answer with a fake name is proof that your faith is fucked up. The judjement day that you talk about is a creation of humanity as a whole. Don't talk about being judged by god when you terrorists (muslims) go about killing innocent people, raping innocent women, children. Taking people's life which cannot be given back itself is judging people. You already replied to this post by vomiting about judgement day.

      Humanity as a whole is bringing upon judgement on itself with constant wars, degrading of environment, etc. To put the icing on the degradation is Islam.

      Why is that of all the modern terrorism activities all of them are muslims?

      You name it 9/11, 26/11, 26/7, london, spain, bali, recently Algeria.

      Religious tolerance in ur asshole religion is so good that you monkeys started crying over some stupid film on ur rapist m—. Ur fuckpet (m—) had a six year old girl as his wife. The child which is supposed to grow play and be innocent has to be raped by a big adult monkey. SO shut your trap and don't bark out loud.

      Oh wait now you must be getting mad and thinking about killing the author, me… or worse strapping a bomb around ur chest and killing more people (which apparently will also have ppl from ur faith). You don't even feel ashamed to kill sm1 of ur own faith and u call urselves brothers.

      Hidayat!! May Allah give u some brains. But alas! He already died laughing with the way u idiots behave.

      Evolution happened, but islam still remained in neanderthal stage. I hope you understand what I am saying,but, I forgot the only book that u read is the koran (modified hate version), and that too five times a day otherwise you won't get your daily urge to murder people of other faiths and rape their women.

      Fucking chooth!

    • You are exactly right bro!

    • islam is not a worst religion in the world it,s the best the best and will be the best religion.. i think u don,t know a single word about islam i cannot explain u abt islam detailly so contact be back what ever question u ask me i will tell you the detailly becoz am the slave of allah allahuakbar

    • you, my friend, are know nothing about Islam.

      The things you said about muslims rape women are nothing but bullshit.
      As you know (probably you already knew it) every 104sec, another american is sexually assaulted. 80% of them are under age 30, 44% of them are under 18.
      Why these poor girls being rape? easy, the clothes.
      You said how we treat bad our women. But as you know, for us, muslims women should cover them self with hijab. for what? for they own safety and modesty. simple.

      And for taking peoples lives at 9/11 whatsoever. what would you say about Palestine? lots of Muslims in Palestine (including women and child) die for nothing, those Jewish take their land with no mercy. just as you know, back in time were Hitler killed the Jewish in Europe, some of them (Jewish) make their way to Arab and Palestine, they (muslims) welcome them with open heart.
      But what they do now with their "landlord" of Palestine? they killed them and claim that Palestine are their Land. What you gonna say about that?
      And then, you said 9/11 were muslims terrorist jobs? you really wanna argue with that? oh man.
      It was an inside job! A superior country like USA doesnt have radar or whatsoever to saw the airplane (who were "muslims terrorist" flying it) came across to USA and just bomb the WTC?Are the Air force were stupid or something, to let those guys just flying around in US? i dont agree with that.

      And as you know. everybody can be "muslim". So if you think just because the terrorist said "Allahu Akbar" it means they are muslims to you? if I say "Hallelujah" it means i'm a Christian to you? if this the way you see the world, you sir, should go back to have brain. used it.
      And yes. we read Holy Qur'an (not Koran, are you too stupid to spell it?) you just dont know inside the Holy Qur'an is. its about humanity, sains, everything you need to know, you can get it in the Holy Qur'an. even scientist read the Qur'an just want to know about galaxy, medical and etc. Holy Qur'an is like a clue of better life in here and afterlife.
      If you said the muslims people are bad, they're bad, not the religion. the religion it self way to perfect to us (human) to follow it. but we're getting there, even muslims not the real muslims if they not follow their religion. so before you wanna judge us (muslims) probably you should know about us. about Islam. About Qur'an. May Allah give you Hidayat.

      oh btw if you wanna know Islam really quick, you should check dr. Zakir Naik on Youtube. he'll answer every question from muslims, christians, hinduisms, buddhists and even atheist, according to Qur'an WITH Logic.

    • the hell what the heck is ur problem dude there is no need to curse and i don't get ur point Islam is the worst religion what did Islam do to u and if u want a real fight with a real person who can put up with ur bullshit is me and i am a Muslim i know things u won't and that being said u don't see me running my mouth saying Christianity is fucked or Judaism is fucked and the people who kill other Muslim are not Muslims so next time before u say any religion is fucked look at ur slef then lets say whose fucked

    • If anyone killed an innocent person,it would be as if he killed the whole mankind and if anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved whole mankind … This verse is taken from Qur'an's ayat …now tell me how could anyone blame entire religion for the misdeed of some cowards. As being a Muslim girl this is my duty to clear Islam from such false accusations. Islam condemn any terror attack …

  4. Have patience perhaps…!! The judgement day will clarify everything for you..!!! 🙂

    • You are the one who is getting impatient!

    • Somehow this judgment day is getting postponed again and again, without any reasons being given. I guess they're having construction issues with that real big court building.

    • hey idiot. there is a set time for judgement day. No one knows when it will occur except Allah(swt). as for athiest satanists like you, the time will come. with more than 1 billion followers of this correct religion, and the only book that hasnt changed, we are SURE islam is the religion of God, and the non-believers and mockers will be punished not by us Muslims, but by the almighty Allah

    • Exactly the point. Other religions accept other religions. Muslims refuse to accept anything but their own.

    • See that's our point. Any Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew ow any other religion would have grown to accept other religions maturely whereas you still believe your religion as the only possible one that can exist. We're not hating on all of you-I have a few muslim friends who are genuinely nice but you don't have to go around spreading your religion like it's the only right thing with the world. Learn to accept other theories and the evidence.

  5. Even this blog post was not created, the fact would never change that islam is indeed the worst religion ever!

  6. the judgement day will clarify everything for you too…….Mr.whatever..!! God and his messenger knows best how to protect his religion…!!And you people talking bad about it won't ever reduce its piousness or greatness ever…!!And our religion never allows to kill innocent people…just people you people are totally lacking knowledge about it.. i just can't help…!!Think whatever you want to dude…!!! God will clarify everything very soon…!! Allah is the greatest ever…and again the judgement day will prove who had real brains and who didn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So continue your criticism and attention seeking blogs to become popular…!!But at times i just wanna lol on your religion…or i must say your religion you wrongly follow..!!!! atleast i don't worship stones…!!haha…! And bye the way your misconception about our religion which tells us to kill people…you show me one wrong thing about our religion..quoted by the Quran or our great prophet that teaches a wrong thing…!! You feel a lot for the killed and raped people. The sources are not even authentic who say that our religion told or taught to kill people..? And if you feel so much about the then why didnt you feel anything when muslim women were raped, childrens were killed in gujarat…!! Who did that?? You shameless Hindus..!!! Show me one quranic verse that tells you to kill people for no reason..And if you don't have any then continue with your unauthentic criticism which you yourself be knowing at heart is shallow……!!!!!!!!!!! And your super misconception of blaming our prophet for no reason mind you that Aysha was around 19 when prophet married her…!! Some background information, he rejects the hadiths in Bukhari that say she was 9 because they all go back to one person who, although he was trustworthy, suffered from bad memory at later age.
    5. It is known that between the marriage contract and Aisha's moving to the Prophet's household, there was a 3-year gab during which she stayed with her parents.

    6. It is also known that her moving to the Prophet's household took place in the first or second year after migration from Makkah to Madina. It is also known that the Makkan period lasted for 13 years, and the famous biographer Ibn Is-haq lists the name of Aisha among the very early persons who accepted Islam in the first few months of the Prophet's mission. If we were to add a minimum age of Aisha to understand what she was accepting, say 4 + the 13 years in Makkah + 1 or 2 years in Madina, it adds up probably to 19 years and not only 9, which is the number reported in Al-Bukhari.

    7. While the above is more than enough, it is noted also that many historians have debated the age of Aisha when she married the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). One is that some say that Aisha died at the age of 50 after migration, at the age of 67, which means that she was born 17 years old before migration, and since her marriage was consummated one or two years after migration, it must have taken place at the age of 19.

    8. It is also known that her sister Asmaa was 10 years her senior. It is interesting to note that Asmaa died in the year 73 after migration, at the age of 100, this means she was born 27 years before migration (100-73). Since she was 10 years older, then Aisha was born 17 years before migration, which is consistent with these other reports.
    And your bad words to prophet won't reduce his greatness ever..!!

  7. You people with craps about every girl in your head don't however seem good talking about rape and sex!!!!!! You rape every women you see in your head…!!! So you better shut the shit up..!!! And if the followers take the religion wrong then whats the mistake of the religion??? Will you like to take death sentence for a crime you never committed???? I don't understand when you don't know anything about Islam why do you keep opening your stinky mouth all the time???????You better shut up asshole…!! First learn about Islam and then open your crappy mouth..!!!!!!!!!! You just read in the crappy media articles and bark for no reason….And for the rape and murder thing ,Islam never forces any one to accept it…!! If I turn up tomorrow quoting the recent heartbreaking Delhi rape case in which the RAPISTS WERE HINDUS!!!!!! and telling people that Hinduism teaches raping people and douching rods in their ass? How would you justify it then??????????The followers are wrong then religion can't do anything about it!! And crime does happen in all religions aren't the Hindus, Christians, Jews rapists or murderers??So did their religion teach em that?????And talking about my name its my wish…I love this name so m gonna use it I don't need to ask you for that!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brother remember one thing when ever you want to talk about any thing know about it completely. Hinduism contributed so much knowledge to modern world through vedas , it is scientifically proved and in hinduism we respect a woman equal to mother and there is such that you said above . Remember one thing you cannot backup a thing which is false. Whole world knows it.

  8. see, i know Islam is fit for clinching this title…but, you have considered what Islamic people does but not what Islam says…see, what people follow may not be there in their religion, and what their relogion says may not be followed by their followers…!!! so, instead you should have considered verses in quran which say "kill all the non followers of mohammed 9:29", "beat women if they don't listen to you", cutting hands of thieves, have $ex with below 12 girl and hundreds of other verses….but whatever it be, Islam is winner of the title "Worst religion"….and on the other side, the hindus what they follow now isn't hinduism, casteism and all the systems introduced by some groups for taking advantage but not present in the vedas, upanishads and all…ALL THE BEST ISLAM, WANT YOU TO WIN SOME MORE TITLES LIKE THESE…!!!!

  9. Ah1Daniel you idiot don't ever blamed on my Religion.You idiot your Religion is considered as a worst Religion in case of sex prosecution and others which are not better in a society and are not considered good in a society.So idiot think first and then talk.

  10. Ah Hemant kadumari you idiot your Fake religion Hinduism whatever is on the top of the list in case of sex prosecution.bomb blast and others or you may say worst religion or corrupt religion on which there is no concept of god.You beleive on millions of god but dont know the true god think about yours religion than talk on my religion.hindus,christians and others except Islam all are idiots and worst religions

  11. The author is just an attention whore…!! Grow up dude…!!You really should start over from playschool..and this time please tell them to teach you some serious manners!! Feeling so pity for you…Get well soon Mr.Jewish whatever!!

  12. Seriously Muslim religion may not be the worst religion but the people lack some common sense of killing people of things which they dint like it..
    I agree all the religions to some extent lack this common sense..but not as much as Islam..
    You ppl go to heights to save your religion from criticism and every time you do, you attract much more of it cause of your stupid behaviour in that regard..
    I quote myself again in case someone has started to write a hate and abusive message for me..
    Islam as a religion is good..which each religion is..cause they are in a way or other taken from each other..
    BUT Muslim people have in the history and now have misinterpreted their Holy book always and found ways in which they can do bad things and not attract the ire of the community by saying that its for Islam..
    And may i say not only you..even Hindus will start talking nonsense when there is a hate blog regarding Hinduism..
    This should not be seen as a war for thy religion..
    Instead this is war because of thy ego cause no ppl likes it when someone says shit about the religion HE HIMSELF follows..and perhaps ppl go to heights to defend it..maybe as well kill the author of the Blog..:D
    Well in a nutshell you are the most extremist love your religion so much that you are ready to kill for it..which i feel is stupidity and not following the religion..

  13. Islam is a peacefull religion. The are some people that not understanding what Islam is about. In Islam it's haram to kill innocent people. Islam is perfect. But Muslims can make mistake. They are only human beings. But Islam is perfect. Why is Islam growing?. Why is the so many people converting to Islam . Because they saw Islam. Our prophet was the most peaceful person that ever lived in this world. He learned us to give religion freedom.
    Our prophet Muhammed (saw) was the first person to say that you skin colour is nothing worth. A arab is not more worth than a non-arab. That was in 632. Abraham Lincoln came in 1861. Non muslim thinking why do the women have take hijab on. Because if you normally see a hot girl you thinking I wanna have sex with her. For this not to happen the women take hijab, if they want to. I have a question to you non muslims. If there was two chocolatebar. And i took the paper of on 1 of the two chocolatebar. And threw the two chocolate down on the floor. Which one of them would you choose ?

    • Non muslim thinking why do the women have take hijab on. Because if you normally see a hot girl you thinking I wanna have sex with her. For this not to happen the women take hijab, if they want to.

      No, for this not to happen, you should control your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Don't make women cover themselves.

      I have a great idea: Let's make Muslim men wear blindfolds. That will solve the problem.

      I have a question to you non muslims. If there was two chocolatebar. And i took the paper of on 1 of the two chocolatebar. And threw the two chocolate down on the floor. Which one of them would you choose ?

      Women are not chocolate bars. And sex does not make you 'dirty'.

    • ya we should control like usa, where 995 woman raped every day.

    • ya we should control like usa where 995 women raped every day.

    • U jst shut up
      Becoz of some people u r spoiling our religion. They dont only kill others they had also killed many muslims too. Now tell me how can u say this and dont dare to say this understood

    • U jst shut up
      Becoz of some people u r spoiling our religion. They dont only kill others they had also killed many muslims too. Now tell me how can u say this and dont dare to say this understood

  14. the ppls who are talking worst about islam.. u may punished by allah.. the great.. u'll realize at the end.. what ever u blame,what ever u think about my religion.. its not gonna be true.. speak out everything. my allah is watching you.. islam is the peacefull religion in this world.. read the english meaning of quran.. once.. i request.. then u say.. many other religion converts to islam and having faith.. even i heard such news recently.. finally islam is the true religion.. u all ppls who againt muslims wait and watch.. example:: do u heard any muslim girl with hijab has been raped.. because . when ever a girl wears hijab.. malak's are walking along with her for protection.. a true muslim womens in modern world.. does not cross their limit anymore.. even a men.. the terrorists who killing the innocent peoples are not concider as muslims.. they all need to answer allah in judgement day.. without having a complete knowledge about islam.. u ppls pls stop arguing about islam as worst religion.. u guys dont have any right and dare to say.. u r all not good followers of ur religion anymore.. go and do anything usefull..

    • I'm not afraid of your imaginary god, but I do not like being threatened.

      What is a 'malak'?

    • Never mind; I found this.

      I don't know why you'd want a Sith Lord following you around.

    • Don't mind it sister,no one gets punished by god or allah by speaking truth in this world. You should know it before you say something.

    • You know there is a satnza in quran which says Allah gives grace to ones he wants and abuses the ones he wants to. Wtf is that if I have done nothing wrong I will be abused just because Allah wants it. Then he will be blamed for his biased nature which definitely cannot be the nature of god for him all must be equal.

    • You know there is a satnza in quran which says Allah gives grace to ones he wants and abuses the ones he wants to. Wtf is that if I have done nothing wrong I will be abused just because Allah wants it. Then he will be blamed for his biased nature which definitely cannot be the nature of god for him all must be equal.

    • @Daniel Midgley I don't think she's talking about that

    • what is ur problem man i don't see why u guys r so rude and if ur finding malak it means ANGEL mr.knowatall and i am NORMAL unlike some people and islam is a good religion its u people who don't know it yet oh and we don't hate Jews its just they know islam but they choose not to believe it and what r u a christian cause i have so many questions for u

    • why are u guys sooo rude and mean when it comes to Islam and if ur looking for malak it means ANGEL smarty and we don't hate the Jews it's just they know Islam is the true religion its just they choose not to believe it oh and r u a christian cause i got so many questions thaat needs answers

  15. The worst religion to ever exist! Most countries with majority muslim population are fuckd up. Everyone in the world is fukin tired of your bullshit religious theories! I am not saying all of em are the same but yes most of them are. Your religion has nothing to teach except hatred. Athiests- the people who dont even believe in existence of God are much better and peaceful people compared to you. Let the world change and prosper and stop freaking exploding everywhere, open your eyes and use a little common sense and do not believe everything written in your holybook!

    • Muslims are Terrorists?

      Who started the 1st World War? Muslims?

      Who started the 2nd World War? Muslims?

      Who threw nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and

      Nagasaki? Muslims?

      Who kills approximately 20 million aborigins

      in Australia? Muslims?

      Who kills more than 100 million red indians

      in North America? Muslims?

      Who kills more than 50 million red indians in

      South America? Muslims?

      Who took about 180 million Africans as

      slaves and kills 77% of them? Muslims?

      When America takes 1 million lives in Iraq

      for oil – Not terrorism

      When Serbs rape muslim women in Kosovo/

      Bosnia – Not terrorism

      When Russians kill 200,000 chechens in

      bombing – not terrorism

      When Jews kick out Palestinians and take

      their land – Not terrorism

      When American drones kill entire family and

      Afghanistan/Pakistan – Not terrorism

      When Israel kills 10,000 lebanese civilians

      due to two missing soldiers – Not terrorism

      When Muslims retaliate and show you how

      you treat us – TERRORISM?







    • Have patience…. may Allah burn you in hell

    • Have patience…. may Allah burn you in hell

  16. you ppl can say any thing about islam., let the world treat islam as the worst religion., but as a human, before blaming Islamism, just have a study regarding Islam, just have a research on Islamic ethics and just go through the words of god ALLAH and his prophet MOHAMMED (saw).. then, of course u can able to find the path of lights.. then, am sure u will get all the answers.. there are some hidden secrets in this glittering world., i hope you will try find those secrets through "QURAAN"!!

  17. I was quite shocked after reading this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,First Being a Muslim Islam is a religion of peace and prosperity let me clear first,Don't consider Pakistan as ONLY MUSLIM country and make your target directly on ISLAM!!!!… I'm damn sure there would be hardly any religion in the world that allows their fellow being to pin prick that create the cannon shots..(i'm doubtful about the Admin's one)..Secondly don't be stupid linking religions with political scenarios of the world, We all know whether a Sikh,Christian,Buddhist,Hindus etc etc even the countries entitled themselves as "WAR ANTAGONISTS" themselves killing innocent little ones on ethical issues so why their RELIGION is not highlighted for this cause..Don't try to hurt anyone's feeling by posting anything that goes against their religion…I apologize if anyone is hurt by any of my or any of Muslims Brother words ..There is no gain by such postings…May Allah guide us all.

    • Oh brother , it is that every one should know truth and reality. Truth and reality are like fire sometimes it hurts some people but if it is taken in right way it guides to right path.

    • you are right these people who are killing and murdering innocent people and call there selves Muslims just trying to spoil Islam but in Islam religion the one who kills innocent people he is not Muslim actually he is infidel means he is not one of us (Muslims) and other people who don't know who are really Muslims will see that Muslims are terrorists but we are not like that (Muslims) no we are very peaceful and you everyone should read about this religion its the truest religion many people don't like because its not compatible with there demands they know its right and sensible but its not good for them its not serving there interests for sure they will believe many religions were edited with interests that they like i will stop here hope someone will about everything i said i mean if you get in Islam you will feel comfort in many ways just try but first read a bout it you will find that every thing is sensible may …. Allah guide us all.

  18. If this isn't published, it actually is the truth, just like the Truth about Islam never is.

    Islam is a religion of peace. IT MEANS PEACE'
    The terrorists are killers. They kill. In Islam, who so ever kills is a Hypocrite.
    Hypocrites go to Hell in the Quran. This just ruins the good reputation of us, like Nixon and the Watergate. In Islam, we are not to kill.

    NOT 1

    The Bible had been rewritten
    unlike the Quran

  19. There are alot of things are uncorret please read quran and read about islam marrying a 6 or 16 old girl killing people are totally forbidden any the that you hear that Muslims do is not truly right our massanger mohammed order us to take care of un Muslims and killing them or taking there things is forbidden if you want to contact me or want a copy of quran in English feel free to contact me at

  20. Islam is the religion of peace.we ignorant people hav no right to mock such a divine religion .
    Islams golden teachings have been considered and approved by great men and scholars in all times .like raja rammohan roy,mr john s hayland etc.islam teaches us to servre humanity .just because of some psychosomatic maniacs u cannot call our religion names . because such men also belong to christianity hindusism or any other religion .yes we hate injustice and we ar redy to fight fot justice and calling bad names u can never reduce its grandeaur nor ucan cover its mesmerizing sparkle ,but if u ar still alive umust consider urself lucky because islam teaches us to hate sins not sinners.!

  21. And iam sorry my dear bro I never wanted to use these kinda language but if its about my soul's peace , m creatore, my love of life , my most sincere best friend, my every cell in me , my heart , my life, My ALLAH <3 I just got mad

  22. I'v no faith in any god allah or iswar etc etc but I feel extremely plessure when someone smiles cuz of me n very guilty, when cry….I want everyone to live peacefully on this earth free of all negetive thoughts. Whenever I work for humanity I feel lyk worshipping god……..hve grt lyf all of u, tnxxxxxx 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. Q. Why they kill the innocent people in the name of Islam?
    1 Ans. Perhaps they think, they are doing God's deed.
    2 Ans they are helping God to kill the people. Because they think God can't kill them Himself. In other words, they think God is not allmighty, Right?
    Poor thinking

  24. i am proud of my religion islam what i want say if u know more about islam go and read do not listen to Newspapers and radio

  25. there is reason for victory of islam as it is the only relegion which appreciate non muslims killing. not being relegious tolerence . doesn't support democracy .
    taught its believer cunning methods to kill non-muslims raping women
    favouring slave rule and full of crap such as 72 virgins and devils theory etc.
    even their prophet was unable to distinguish between good and bad
    ex.marrying a 7 yr child for sexual desire
    killing and raping people for terrotorial conquest
    ony minded person can tell if his prophet is like this his believers will be hillarious ex.isis al-quada

  26. If you want to know about islam then follow islam, not muslim. Because islam is perfect, Muslims are not. Dont post stupid comments against islam.

  27. I would like to say could you keep your reason in your Ass……because we know how Islam is???

  28. I would like to say could you keep your reason in your Ass……because we know how Islam is???

  29. If there are more than one God let them fight there cause themselves ! Why condemn ur brother who might be judged with you in the final judgement? Everyone ll be judged accordingly as how did they judge others..
    "Trust in your God with all your heart,
    Do not lean on your own understanding ;
    Acknoledge him in all your ways,
    He will make your path straight.

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