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The claim, and the reality

This, from (via Facebook):

This, from Gallup:

This was how Utah voted in the 2004 elections.

I don’t know which is more unaccountable — why the LDS Church would try to make this claim, or why they thought anyone would believe them.


  1. So, what's diversity? 59/31/8 seems kinda diverse. Or does it have to be 50/50? And what percentage of Utah is Mormon? Can you logically use one state to represent all of Mormondom Perhaps all the liberal Mormons live outside of Utah for a reason. Plus, how did Utah vote in 2008? Does that show different results?

    The logic here seems kinda unaccountable.

    • The claim was not "The Church is politically neutral." I might be happy to concede that.

      The claim was "Mormons are politically diverse." There are Mormon liberals — Brent, you're one of my favourites — but different political persuasions are by no means evenly represented in the LDS Church, and surely you must realise this with every week in Sunday School.

      Here's the 2008 data.
      Ooo! Three counties. How diverse.

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