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Atheism and ethics — again.

This always seems to come up in discussions with Christians: What motivation do you have to be ethical if you’re an atheist? They never seem to realise that having a god telling you what to do doesn’t make you moral, especially not with that terrible Bible. 
I got a nuanced response from this Christian — then his brain stopped. What a shame.

Slaves should be obedient to their masters
Rape a girl, pay her father, and she’s your wife
God used to like killing gay people

(Conversation reported verbatim until the last panel, but yeah, that’s how it went.)


  1. God is a kinda Bimp…or Pully.

    I'll have to start posting debates in word balloons, I like it.

  2. It seems to me that the best argument for an ethical sense in man that doesn't rely on any god to create or maintain it is that an ethical sense is a necessary trait for a social species to have.

  3. Pimp or bully? Love it!

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