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More fun with Christians

The further adventures of me, talking to members of Christian clubs on campus.

This happened pretty much verbatim, until the part where I talk to them together. From there I made it up.


  1. Last Panel:

    sectarian war

  2. Digging the pith helmet. Is that part of the atheist uniform? I haven't gotten the memo.

    • It's my sun hat. Summer in Perth can be hot and burny.

      I always tell my sons to wear sunscreen. "Natural selection dealt with us white guys long ago by killing us off!"

    • I used to curse god for making me an albino (not quite, but pretty fair) with a head to big to wear hats. How mean is that? Now to boot I also have no hair on the top of my head to stop that part burning either.

  3. Apparently the words I typed at the top of this post have triggered a rash of ads for Christian things. Soz.

  4. Exxxcellent /voice of Mr. Burns
    (I found your blog via Pinterest.)

  5. As much as I like this there are a couple issues:

    A group of people who disagree on the basics of a faith or ideology are not obligated to unite in agreement on them before they communicate it to others. Atheists are a group of people who disagree on fundamental issues yet they still write, debate, make cartoons etc… Christians do not have to be united in their stand on the supernatural and workings of god before they share it with the worlds.

    Second, calling a fundamentalist a nutcase doesn't really do anything to start any dialogue with then but instead insults the person. Unless they are disrupting other poeoples lives or are socially derranged, they aren't nut cases.

    Other than that though, nice job!

    • Well, you're right, davis, in that Christians don't have to be unified on everything. Think of it as more of a wish of mine. Since they all appeal to the same holy book, but can't agree on what it means, or to what extent they should take it seriously, it makes me wish they'd sort it out. The fact that they don't is a real red flag.

      And at least I didn't call the first guy a nutcase. I said his beliefs were insane. That probably didn't make him feel any better, but I have this thing where I criticise ideas and not people. (Then I broke my rule and called the second guy a nut. Oh, well.)

      But do you have any idea how liberating it is to tell someone with insane beliefs that their beliefs are insane? Just to come out and say it? I recommend trying it. You won't convert them, but neither does coddling them.

    • Atheists aren't beating the drum of an old book that you claim is truth, or partially truth depending on what flock you gander with. What a horrible comparison. If you believe in fairytales, so be it. – Don't expect to be coddled by people that use critical thinking, intelligence, and common sense to get through their lives and be in control of your own destiny. Or a flock of sheep your call.

      Either it happened, or it didn't. Until you get your act together and figure out which is true which isn't which you believe in which you don't, keep it to yourself, you're only making religion look stupider and stupider.

      Do atheists pound on your door Sunday morning and state "nothing to report here, all is well. Carry on." No, that's what you do. W


    • @David – What do you mean by "disrupting other poeoples lives or are socially derranged"? Are you talking about trying to force their delusional superstition down our children's throats in schools that we pay for to teach kids reality and critical thinking? Are you talking about shitting on the constitution by passing legislation that restricts public offices to be filled only by their fellow nutcases? Are you talking about stripping away the civil rights of people because they are too stupid to understand that being left-handed isn't a "life-style choice"? Are you talking about killing doctors and stripping away the civil rights of 1/2 our populous because they are too stupid to understand that people should have the right to make decisions about their own bodies? Are you talking about shitting all over our constitution every time it's inconvenient that it stops them from forcing their delusional superstition down everyone else's throats?

      Ya, it's a good thing we don't have *those* kinds of nut cases in this country!

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