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Tim Minchin’s Xmas song: Woody Allen Jesus

If you liked “White Wine in the Sun“, you’ll be sure to enjoy his new offering for the season: Woody Allen Jesus.

Sadly cut from the Jonathan Ross show, due to an unscheduled failure of courage from some contemptible executive.


  1. Tim Minchin is one clever dude but who the hell is Tom Cwuise?

  2. Appawently he's weally famous.

    I shouldn't poke fun. Liquidising rhotics is very common for dialects of British English.

  3. Stealing this for FB, thx! Titling it: How (Not) to Understand What Christians Believe. Shame on you, Tim Minchin (an homage to the latest J. Brooks post over at Religion Dispatches).

  4. I am loving the comments on that thread. Never knew JB to be a histrionic pearl-clutcher, but that was one for the fainting couch.

    So-called sensible liberal Mormons may be less objectionable in some ways, but they still believe in stupid things with no evidence, and don't they just hate being called out on it.

    Like someone said: If you don't want to be mocked for your beliefs, don't have stupid beliefs.

  5. sadly, for all the publicity this song has gotten for being cut at the last minute, it's not his best work. White wine in the sun is much better. Love Tim Minchin anyway and I'm kinda hoping it was a bit of a publicity stunt and was never planned on going to air anyway. A bit of latent conspiracy-theorist in me.

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