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Shape Type

The makers of Kerntype have made another typographic game: Shape Type.

When you’re making a font in a digital program like Fontographer, you spend a lot of time pulling the handles of Bézier control points around, trying to massage curves into a plausible letter shape. So can you drag the big pink circles to make a letter that looks good?

This one’s a bit harder than Kerntype — I managed an 86. Beat that, I dares ya.


  1. Hey Daniel, on the subject of fonts, I used your 'daniel' font again. Thanks!

    Jo S Wun on Posterous

  2. 87 first try! Yay me! 🙂

  3. Curses! (With dingbats.)

    Nice going!

  4. Not typography but you might like this one too…

    I scored 3.06 first try in 198.83 seconds. Did something like 3.9, second try but in 96 seconds.

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