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30-Day Blog September

I’m starting something new, and I’m calling it 30-Day Blog September. Every day in the month of September, I am going to blog something. It may be the most interesting news article I found that day, a thought I had, or a longer piece, but it will be something, and it will be every day.

You could try it too, if you have a blog. Maybe it will shake us both out of Blog Lethargy, and help us realise that not every post needs to be a Serious Thought Piece. Want to join me?

UPDATE: I has a graphic.

If you’re up for 30-Day Blog September, slap this graphic somewhere on your blog, and link to this post.


  1. If we're allowed to make requests, today I was looking up the word "Skipper" and couldn't find any dictionaries/wiki pages that mentioned its, in my mind, very common meaning of "person who doesn't drink so they can drive all their drunk friends home from the pub". Guess it must be an Australian term but what is its history?

    Can you use your linguistic prowess to find this out for your adoring fans?!

  2. Ok I'm in.
    Blah!!! blog lethargy is lethal.
    (btw, that was me on the 'grrr', I've always wanted to click that one).

  3. Yeah are we allowed to make requests?

    I've recently come across some of philosopher Kai Nielsen's work. One of his primary critiques of theism is the use of God-talk. It's not a difficult concept but it might be interesting to hear your take on it since you are professionally involved with language and such.

  4. Requests! What a great idea. I like when people ask me what I think about stuff.

    Leave requests here and I'll try to get to them all.

  5. Great idea Daniel! I am in.
    It is far to easy to have a bunch of half finished blogs, and even worse, ideas for blogs that don't even get started. Inertia? Laziness? Perfectionism? Procrastination?

    I look forward to reading your blogs and rising to the challenge.

  6. I almost pulled my blog out of hiatus a few nights ago – maybe this will do it for me. Or maybe not.

    On requests, I loved one of Kylie's recent posts where she interviewed Dig. Cuttlefish on the subject of pseudonymity. Maybe you'd consider one on the trials and tribulations of blogging in your own name, especially when dealing with high-profile subjects in your own part of the world (eg, the Dr D saga).

  7. Perhaps you could discuss how grown up Mormons don't like being asked to explain some pretty obvious questions about principles fundamental to their religion (ie the plan of salvation). Which questions I asked and was promptly sacked from teaching Gospel Doctrine class in Sunday School. The funniest thing was that they then asked if I wanted to teach the youth!

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