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The Mormon ‘Plan of Happiness’

Hey, who remembers this from church? I think I got all the details right.

Really puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

Of course, it might make more sense if you’ve seen the real chart, or had a missionary draw it for you.

UPDATE: I wrote this as a comment on r/exmormon, and decided to paste it here:

If I had to name the most odious and evil LDS doctrine, I wouldn’t hesitate to say ‘eternal families’.

That may seem like a strange answer, but that’s the thing that allows all the emotional hijacking, even more than heaven and hell. If you don’t keep in line, your family will be broken up and you’ll be in isolation for eternity.

It uses the natural feelings of love we have for our family, and subverts them for its own ends.


  1. Lost family, lost friends. Boo Mormon church. Boo Hiss.

  2. Maureen you forgot the Yaa. It's Boo Hiss Yaa.

  3. That's better!! (Don't let these Aussies corrupt you).

  4. The implication here is that the way to have family and friends with you forever is to have no religion at all (or at least not the Mormon one). How does that work?

  5. Brent,

    The correct implication is that no one has family and friends with them forever because no one lives forever. This life is all we have, and anything that makes life worse (through emotional hijacking or whatever) is bad.

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