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Yataghan: I feel so dirty

My Yataghan font has been ripping it up lately. Most recently, it’s appeared on the cover of “The Sword” by Daniel Easterman.

And it’s a featured download on PC World’s website. Kate Godfrey gives it a very kind review.

Midgley began his creation with a sketch of a lowercase ‘s’, followed by an ‘n’ that dipped below the baseline. Many reiterations later, the designer found himself with an impressive cast of characters including an owlish ‘o’ and a dagger of a ‘t’. To complete the look, he topped the font’s ascenders with a bone shape. Touché!

The ampersand is worth the download if only to experience the smart transition of centuries old weapon design into a believable text construction.

And to top it off, Yataghan makes a scarcely recognisable appearance on the website of Babylon Rising, which appears to be… a set of religious lectures?

This May, a four-night event called Babylon Rising will take a new look at the age-old controversy between Christ and Satan. From May 25-28, It Is Written’s new speaker/director, Pastor John Bradshaw, will host a timely, interactive series live from the Cashman Center in Las Vegas.

Oh, well. When I released the font, I knew there was a chance someone would use it for evil instead of for good. It’s the risk an artist takes.

Download Yataghan (and other fonts) from the Page of Fontery.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Mr. Midgely. Your Yataghan is a swell font and PC World is proud to host a download.

    And yes, it's true. I so covet that righteous ampersand.

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