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It's okay to be wrong. It's not okay to stay wrong.

It’s a miracle! Always.

I thought I’d post this handy guide before the inevitable miraculous claims that seem to follow every horrendous tragedy.

Either they deserved it, or they’re in heaven now. Isn’t the divine plan amazing?


  1. Ah, now, I know what it means for God to be all-good!

    It means that all situations are good for God!

  2. How do you do it?

    "I thank God with all my heart that the breaking news this morning was that “NO LIVES WERE LOST and NO REPORTS OF ANY INJURIES”. Isn’t this amazing!

    A category 5 Cyclone rips through parts of Queensland, with winds of up to 285KM’s an hour, and there were no casualties. This is an amazing miracle, although there has been major damage to property and infrastructure." [here]

  3. They should be thanking science for making it possible to predict and monitor storms.

    It was scientists that raised the alarms. God was keeping his cards pretty close to his chest.

  4. @Daniel. Great points.

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