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Election day and the Australian Sex Party

On Election Day, I volunteered for the Australian Sex Party, handing out ‘how-to-vote’ pamphlets at polling places for a few hours. Here’s how it went.


  1. Mate! That's like, almost identical to MY day on Saturday except swap Keenan for Tim Hammond (Labor for Swan) and change "disappointment" to "pillar of awesomeness previously only seen in a biblical sense."

    Okay, maybe he didn't say that last bit, but he was thinking it.

    And I'm SO irretrievably pleased that we both managed to offend the Christian Dems.

    Well done.

  2. Waitaminute, you're in my electorate? Stirling just got (marginally) cooler.

    There weren't any reps from the ASP at Yokine Primary, not when I went to vote.

    Smug bloody Keenan with his egomobile.

  3. How's this:

    "Australian Sex Party!"

    "No thanks, I'm voting abstinence."

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