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Action item: Counter the Anti-Vaxers

Via Pharyngula and Podblack:

The State Library is hosting an anti-vaccination event tonight, 1 June 2010 with Meryl Dorey of the so-called ‘Australian Vaccination Network’. They’ll be promoting their noxious brand of pseudoscience. Alt-Med is always a problem, but in this case, the stakes are higher. They tell worried parents that they’ll be harming their children by vaccinating them, when in fact the risk of death and disability from disease is much higher without vaccination than with. So more WA kids are going to die as herd immunity diminishes.

Your orders: meet Kylie (along with me and the Perth Skeptics) at the coffee shop at the State Library at 6:00 tonight. Let’s spread some good information.

A good source for info is the Immunise Australia Program.


  1. I'd be there if I could!

  2. I was on roster at dance, otherwise I'd have gone along.

    Is this the part where you return and report?

  3. It was pretty sedate, really. We handed out information from the Victorian Health Department, including the risks of certain diseases (vast) against the risks from the corresponding vaccines (slight).

    The message we put out was that people should be going to their doctors with concerns about vaccination, and not to someone who goes around giving speeches.

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