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Donate or pulp? A quandry

I still haven’t decided what to do with them. We’re talking old Sunday School manuals, and a couple of copies of the Book of Mormon.
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  1. I would give the books back as recycling wastes energy. No point if they can be reused.

    I'm a little puzzled about the gender orientation of the character in the earrings…

  2. That's gets me thinking as to what I should do with mine… The manuals I think I'd probably opt to recycle, but I have a fairly large library of GA books and other similar literature.

    I wonder if I were to see them on Ebay, and then donate the money to a worthy cause if that might not be best… Yes, I'd be perpetuating the myth, but the only people who are going to purchase The Encyclopedia of Mormonism are those already fully embedded in it. Perhaps I could leave a note in the front of it with my 'Testimony' inscribed upon it….

  3. I'd suggest giving them back to the church. While it seems that it might be "perpetuating the myth", destroying the books isn't going to hinder anyone from getting new ones. If they're given back, you might save a bit of a tree from its fate of becoming a Book of Mormon.

  4. Or you could give them to me. I'd be happy to take Koda's EoM set too =)

  5. Put in a box marked "Return to Sender – God" and post in red mailbox. I PROMISE it will work.

  6. I say that it's not your fault if the church industry insists upon making more and more copies of something silly. The tree sap is on their hands, not yours.

    The energy used to recycle it? I'd say that's not that large a price to pay in return for doing the little you can to stem the tide. If everybody in the world did the same thing, it wouldn't actually amount to much energy-wise, and would actually make an impact ideology-wise.

    Otherwise, I like the ebay idea. Donate the proceeds to Dawkins' secular charity thingo.

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