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UWA Atheist & Agnostic Society posters

At last, all the posters that have graced our fine campus this semester, and all in the one place. Collect the set!


  1. Love the posters. I will probably see you at the Tav some time, if you'll have me that is. I may say something completely ridiculous since I'm new to this anti-religion thing and I'm finding myself to be curiously still shackled with remnants of guilt, fear and the like. I'll try to sound at least somewhat intelligent. 🙂

  2. I'm sure you'll be fine. Better make it this week, though, because the semester is ending, and we don't usually get together during the breaks.

    Brace yourself, though. You might not be prepared for the den of ribaldry that is The Tav. My sensibilities were shocked, I must confess. I nearly swooned, but then I regained my sensibilities.

    I think it would be fun if deconverted Mormons got together for Un-Institute. Maybe next semester.

  3. These are great posters Daniel – I've been away from your blog for a while so haven't been keeping up – did you design these?

  4. Yes, I used 'Pages'. It's easy to set up some boxes, and then swap graphics and text.

  5. love the posters, i would take different routes around campus to find them. great work!

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