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Election prediction thread

Okay, we’re a little more than a week out. Using a few polling websites, my Magic 8 Ball, and a Ouija board, I’ve put together a map of states that are likely to go Obama. Basically I’ve colored anything blue if it’s a safe blue state, or on the edge. I threw in a few surprises (South Dakota, Georgia). I like the look of it.

I think this is the best outcome we’re likely to see. Granted, 399/538 is a real landslide.

So what’s your scenario? Give us a map, or just tell us
– President (duh), electoral votes, and percentage
– Number of Democratic congress-people
– Number of Democratic Senators
– The outcome for any other pieces of legislation current before the populace


  1. ok, since you are allowing an update:

    -obama 280-57% mccain 258-43%
    -senate dems 63 pubtards 37

    -cali prop 8 goes down

  2. Whoa! That’s a shellacking. Can’t say I don’t agree.

    Although if Obama does score 57%, we’d probably see more like 315 EVs or so.

  3. I mean 415. Too early.

  4. I’m sticking to my map (399), though Arizona will probably prove me wrong. 54% popular vote.

    I’d be happy with 61 Senate seats, and my wild guess on House is 265.

    Prop 8 goes down 58 to 42. So does Florida Prop 2.

    My predictions will get more accurate as the week progresses. 🙂

  5. I don’t know. I think it MAY be easier to get a wide spread in the PV than in the EV.

  6. And I am starting to think (hope) that you might be right about Arizona. Do you get to watch the obamamercial tonight? If so are you going to watch it in spanish as well as english?

  7. Hmm. Have to check YouTube for the link.

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